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The Herd

  • John Kelvie

    All I Want for Christmas is

    Peace, Love, and Understanding

    John KelvieFounder and CEO

    Also known as JPK. Knows speech, audio media, and AI Jedi dev tricks. Former cofounder, CTO, and developer. American ex-pat in Peru. Friendlier than he looks in this photo.

  • Bo Schroeder

    All I Want for Christmas is

    A Tesla

    Bo SchroederMarketing

    10 years of marketing experience in tech, publishing, and recreation. Seattle based, calls Iowa home. JavaScript newbie. Talk nerdy to me.

  • Roberto Liccardo

    All I Want for Christmas is

    A New Laptop

    Roberto LiccardoProduct Manager

    Brings 12 years of experience in product management and marketing. Former consultant for leading Silicon Valley companies, and founder of IRL Solutions.

  • Juan Perata

    All I Want for Christmas is

    A Nintendo Switch

    Juan PerataDeveloper

    Full stack software engineer with 9+ years experience. May be spotted in Lima at Laboratoria presenting at a meetup or hackathon. Has a nice haircut.

  • Chris Ramón

    All I Want for Christmas is

    A Cluster of Raspberry Pis

    Chris RamónDeveloper

    Full stack developer and open source advocate. Worked for U.S. and European companies. Loves JavaScript, Go, and TypeScript. Usually appears on a Google Hangout twice.

  • Iván Pérez

    All I Want for Christmas is

    The Emperor Workstation

    Iván PérezCustomer Success

    Has more than 15 years of experience in IT – 10 of those in Europe working for global companies. Refreshing his Django skills with a smile :-).

  • Pier Castañeda

    All I Want for Christmas is

    A Predator 21 X Laptop

    Pier CastañedaDeveloper

    5+ years experience developing with JavaScript. Likes Microsoft programming, front-end development, and gaming. Getting married at the end of the year.

  • Diego Martín

    All I Want for Christmas is

    A Full-frame Mirrorless Camera

    Diego MartínDeveloper

    The second newest addition to the herd. Over 10 years of full stack programming experience in Peru and Spain. Excited to be contributing to voice-first technology.

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    Av. Reducto 1518, Distrito de Lima 15074, Peru
    South America

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    [email protected]