Customer feedback is crucial for every software company, and over the past few months our team has been busy gathering thoughts and listening to our users as they navigate the voice app development space. If you’re an active member of the Alexa Slack community, it’s likely our own founder and CEO, John Kelvie, has asked you a few questions directly. Thanks to our hundreds of users, we’d like to share the following Bespoken Dashboard features that were inspired by real users. Want to track progress of an issue or see if one was already implemented? To hold us accountable, check in with the activity on Github, and keep the feedback coming. As you can see, these feature range in scope from everyday UX to sophisticated metrics. We take every comment to heart and are committed to making continuous improvements so you can concentrate on building and improving your Alexa skills and Google Assistant apps. Let’s take a look at the requested features. To see the completed features right now, sign up for a Bespoken Dashboard or if you already have an account, login here.

Requested By Feature GitHub Issue Status
Island P, CTO, Democracy Live Refresh button Complete
Steve, Dabble Lab Log filter Captured
Steve, Dabble Lab Replay a request Captured
Sanghyun L Log tailing Captured
Sanghyun L Hit enter to create a new source Complete
Evgeny G Automated skill certification verification In design
Mark T, Alexa Champion Multi-user support Testing
Multiple users Cross-skill metrics In design
Andrew O, CTO, O’Reilly Ability to set custom name for subdomain on bst proxy endpoint Scheduled
Nathaniel C, Breathe Use URL path parameter to select Lambda to invoke – great for working many lambdas at once Complete
Andrés R, RAIN Agency Support for all content types with bst proxy Complete
  As a small startup company, we are grateful for every piece of feedback we receive, and we find our work especially fulfilling when we can build something that accommodates the needs and wants of our users. We know the importance of the feedback we receive today will continue to evolve and improve voice software for the long term and help users around the world. With more Bespoken features being released to the dashboard and to the bst command-line interface, don’t hesitate to send us a note or comment. It’s easy. Just click on the chat bubble in the lower right corner or send us a note on Gitter or Twitter.