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April 3, 2018 in Blog

The 4 Layers of Test Automation for Alexa Skills

TL;DR Testing might seem daunting at times, but there is an easier and better way to QA your Alexa skills. Use our Bespoken Tools and learn how the four layers of automated testing will make sure you deliver great voice experiences.

If you’re a serious voice-app developer who wants to learn how to deliver high-quality voice experience with Alexa skills, you’ve come to the right place. With our layers of automation we make testing for your voice apps easier, cheaper, faster, and more efficient with our Bespoken tools.

You might be familiar with our original testing layers, which revolutionized testing for Alexa skills. Our testing approach was even featured in this Amazon Alexa blog post by our own founder and CEO, John Kelvie:

Building Engaging Alexa Skills: Why Testing and Automation Matter

However, as voice first continues to take over the world, we continue to improve our Bespoken tools to keep up with this rapid growth. We’ve modified our testing layers to make sure your Alexa skills are always at their top-performance to deliver great voice experiences and higher ratings.

With this approach, you can test your Alexa skills at each of the stages of development and make sure it’s always working correctly. It’s not just us saying this, Amazon agrees:

Hear It from a Skill Builder: The Best Practices for Testing Your Alexa Skills

In this Amazon Alexa blog post you’ll get an updated overview of the four layers of automated testing:

  1. Unit Test to Find Bugs Quickly, Locally, and in a Repeatable Way
  2. End-To-End Testing to Comprehensively QA Your Skill
  3. Continuous Testing to Ensure Your Skill Never Stops Working
  4. Usability Performance Testing Optimizes Your Interaction Model

And many more tips on the best way to test your Alexa skills.

More on Automated Testing for Alexa Skills

If you want to learn more about how you can use automated testing for Alexa skills to delivery high-quality voice experiences, you can watch our past session of the Alexa Live conference, where we exercise our testing superpowers on screen.

Or you can also register for our upcoming webinars to continue to grow your testing superpowers.

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