Alexa skill testing is gaining traction in the voice-first community, and for good reason. After some eye-opening data was published noting low engagement rates and low retention of a vast number of Alexa skills, people started to ask why. Part of those low rates were attributed to poor user experience.

Ever since then voice developers, companies, and even Amazon have been taking steps to improve Alexa experiences. A sizeable portion of this initiative includes a big push toward adopting a comprehensive Alexa skill testing process, including manual testing, unit testing, end-to-end tests, and continuous integration.

Many voice developers have realized that testing Alexa skills – in all stages – needs to be prioritized. As a company that offers testing and monitoring software for voice apps, we realized that in order for testing Alexa skills to be truly valuable, it must be fast, easy, and accessible. As voice-first systems continue to grow and become a part of our daily routines, the importance of a solid testing culture will only continue to grow over the next few years.

That’s why we are automating Alexa skill testing. Check out this infographic to see how to get started with Bespoken testing.

Bespoken infographic: Testing Alexa Skills

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