One-step AWS Lambda Deploy and More

We are pleased to introduce two new tools to our burgeoning Bespoken suite. They are:

  • bst deploy: One-step deployment of AWS lambdas from the command-line
  • BSTEncode: Easy-to-use API that automatically encodes audio files for use in Alexa skills

With the release of the deploy tool, we believe it rounds out the whole offering. With it, Bespoken Tools now accelerate and ensure quality through all stages of the Alexa skill development process:

Development and Debugging

  • bst proxy: Sends requests directly from Echo/Alexa devices to your laptop
  • bst speak and bst intend: Emulates Alexa payloads for intents and utterances. Run one-off tests easily for debugging
  • bstpy: Exposes Python lambdas as an HTTP service – allowing them to be used with the proxy or standalone

Automated Testing and Continuous Integration

  • BSTAlexa: Our Alexa emulator API – write in-depth unit-and-functional tests to ensure the quality of your skills.


  • bst deploy: One-step deployment of AWS lambdas from the command-line.

Our goal is to make the life of the Alexa developer as easy as possible – we hope you find these tools as useful as we do.

What Is Next?

We are preparing to launch our Logless client and console – which makes logging and diagnostics for Alexa skills effortlessly insightful and performant. Stay tuned!

The Standard Stuff

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