Testing Alexa Skills is Easy

TL;DR Testing alexa skills is easy from our Bespoken Dashboard. Keep your users and stakeholders happy, earn better ratings, and deliver great voice experiences 24/7. Start in 5 simple steps!

Testing Alexa skills is gaining traction in the voice-first community, and for a good reason: testing will make sure that your skill delivers great user experiences at all times. This will keep your users and stakeholders happy, achieve better ratings, and improve your chances of being featured on the Alexa skill store for higher user acquisition.

Our Skill Testing Approach

Voice developers, companies, and even Amazon are continuously taking steps to improve Alexa experiences. A sizeable portion of this initiative includes a big push toward adopting a comprehensive process for testing Alexa skills, including unit testing, end-to-end testing, continuous integration, and usability performance testing. Also known in Bespoken as the Four Layers of automated testing:

Many voice developers have realized that testing Alexa skills – in all stages – needs to be prioritized. As a company that offers tools for Alexa skill testing in every process, we realized that in order for testing Alexa skills to be truly valuable, it must be fast, easy, and accessible. So we’ve made our Bespoken Dashboard to be just that. Join thousands of developers who’ve already chosen the Bespoken tools to make sure your Alexa skill is always at its best performance. Follow these steps and get started:

1. Choose the plan that fits your scale and create an account to access your Bespoken Dashboard. You can always sign up for a FREE 30 day trial first 🙂

2. Select a skill or add a new one to test

2. Write out your test scripts to run your interactions against the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) and watch as the results come in just a few seconds (you can also use our YAML editor)

3. Turn ON monitoring to run your test scripts every 30 minutes, you’ll be notified if anything goes wrong.

4. Finally, get you started with Usability Performance Testing here, and make sure that the ASR and NLU of your skill are working correctly.

And just like that you’ll be well on your way to become a true testing superhero.

Where to next?

We offer plenty of resources that will enhance your testing superpowers. Watch our tutorials on unit testing and end-to-end testing, check out our documentation for more details, or sign up for our upcoming webinar 😉

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