Bespoken CLI (BST) Build Voice Apps 10X Faster and Easier

Develop and Test Alexa Skills Locally

Proxy, Speak, Intend, Deploy

bst proxy

Speed up your process. Develop against actual devices. You no longer have to redeploy your code after every update. Instead, Alexa will communicate with your local machine—like this.

bst Proxy Server Flow Gif

bst speak

Test your sample utterances against your skill. Use it in conjunction with bst proxy to test against a skill running locally, or pass bst speak a URL to test a live endpoint. Watch and learn.

bst Speak Gif

bst intend

Combine bst speak and bst intend to test intents against your skill or action. Test your custom intents or the required built-in intents (ie. AMAZON.HelpIntent).

bst Intend Gif

bst deploy

Ready to push the Lambda to AWS? Use bst deploy, and it will package everything up for you, send it to AWS, and give you an ARN.

bst Deploy

Take Your Voice Apps to the Next Level

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