Avoid The Alexa Holiday Crunch – Get Certified Faster

With Bespoken’s testing automation tools for voice, both engineers and QA professionals benefit from more comprehensive testing and more frequent testing cycles, while enabling voice teams to hit ship dates and optimize UX, leading to faster certification and happy people all around

The holidays creep up on us every year. It seems that you barely have time to put away your summer patio furniture and the next thing you know it’s pumpkin spice everything. The holidays are also a critical time for business, whether in direct to consumer sales or wrapping up annual product goals, the crunch to get things done by Thanksgiving is something we all have experienced.  And in voice there’s another challenge – not only getting your skill to hit the holiday ship date but also have it meet the all-important criteria for Alexa certification. If you’re already feeling the pressure, you’re not alone. Many skill developers underestimate the time it takes to build their skill – experts in the field suggest a minimum…

Guy Borgford joins Bespoken to lead business development

Before joining Bespoken, and after nearly 20 years working in the Seattle technology space, Guy Borgford worked in business development and strategic marketing roles in digital publishing, digital agencies, and software design and engineering. From heading up partner strategy and marketing at and Rhapsody to leading new business development at leading digital design and development firms such as Globant and Smashing Ideas, his focus has always been on customer success and driving revenue for the teams he supports. Guy has also worked with other outstanding companies like Macy’s, Nestle, Ford, Honda, etc. The move to voice technology is a natural progression in my career, as it’s clear this mode of human-machine interaction will dominate the digital landscape sooner than we think. As a daily…

Bespoken CLI V2 – The Best Command-Line We’ve Ever Built 😎

The Bespoken software suite continues to grow. Two years ago we began helping voice developers debug and build Alexa skills and Google Actions with minimum effort. Now, we proudly present the latest version of our Command Line Interface (CLI). Bespoken CLI 2.0 includes super-powerful new features, like the bst test command, which allows you to run unit and end-to-end tests to ensure your app is working perfectly.   Install or update Bespoken CLI now to benefit from these new features: bst test command with Virtual Device support Support for different locales and languages with the bst speak command Support for V6+ Node.js Lambdas with bst proxy Support for Entity Resolution on slots with bst utter and bst intend   All about bst test The impactful new…

Bespoken Pricing Plans

Hello! This is Diego Martin, Product Manager at Bespoken, with an important announcement. As you know, up until now Bespoken’s monitoring tools have been free. However, as the voice landscape has matured, so has our product. Based on that, we will be introducing pricing that makes it easy (and still free) to get started with our software, but allows us to charge what we believe is a fair price for our tools.   Starting October 1,  we will introduce the pricing plans described below: Free Standard Pro Enterprise Monitoring* Up to 1 Up to 3 Up to 10 Custom Logging 1M/month 10M/month 50M/month Custom Free $29/month $79/month Contact Us *A voice app on two platforms counts as two voice apps End-to-End Testing

Three Takeaways from VOICE Summit 2018

Voice Summit 2018 Blog Image

After three full days of sessions, introductions, conversations, and selfies at VOICE Summit 2018 last week, we walked away with three important takeaways. 1. Voice – Past, Present, Future The enthusiasm and scale of VOICE Summit 2018 was amazing. We went from a small group of founders a few months ago at the Alexa Conference to something that can be legitimately characterized as an “industry” at this point – more than 3,000 attendees and 200 speakers from all over the world. It is a convenient time to step back and reflect on what voice is and why it is making all these strides. Fundamentally, what we continue to see is the strength of use cases where voice is incorporated into the core of products. From…

Bespoken Announces Completion of $2.4 Million Seed Funding Round

Proceeds to Enable the Voice AI Testing Software Company to Add Features and Expand Sales and Marketing Lima, Peru – July 12, 2018 – Bespoken Holdings, the worldwide leader in automated testing and monitoring for voice interactive artificial intelligence, announced today that it has completed its seed funding round. The company raised $2.4 million, which will be used to add features to its product suite and to expand sales and marketing. The company is a featured partner with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Bespoken was founded in 2017 and currently has over 2,500 developers and QA people using its tools and testing products. Over 1,000 Alexa Skills and Google Actions are being tested and monitored with Bespoken software. Bespoken has a broad portfolio of testing…

[Video] Continuous Alexa Skill Testing with Bespoken Validation

We are making Alexa skill testing easy. In this video, watch how Bespoken will monitor your Alexa skill script continuously – before and after publication – to ensure it’s working properly. Follow along in this 90-second video and then try Bespoken testing on your Alexa skills for free. Create a free Bespoken account or log in. Want some help getting started? The Bespoken team has been writing and testing hundreds of interactions with Alexa and can recommend a few helpful tips and tricks to get you started with automatically testing and monitoring your Alexa skills using the Bespoken Validation. To start, it will help to understand how the test script sequence works and how the comparisons between inputs and outputs are configured. Write and Execute...

How to Test and Monitor Alexa Skills in the Bespoken Dashboard

alexa skill monitoring Bespoken Dashboard

Now that you can run automated tests on your Alexa skills using Bespoken. Take a closer look at your Alexa skill data, and check out the different notifications available to help you automatically monitor Alexa skills 24/7/365. No one is immune to outages or bugs. That’s why in tandem with offering automated testing, we offer monitoring services for your HTTP- or Lambda-based Alexa skills. We will watch out for issues like:

Automated Testing for Alexa Skills

Bespoken Validation Automated Testing for Alexa Skills blog image

With the release of the new Bespoken Dashboard, you can now use the Validation feature to run automated testing for Alexa skills – and it can all be done without speaking aloud. How does Automated Testing for Alexa Skills Work? When you’re logged in to your Bespoken Dashboard, select the Validation tab and create a sequence of tests for your skill. We take your test sequence and run it through Alexa Voice Service (AVS) and your skill. Like this.

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