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Developer Diary – Building A Cross-Platform Voice App With Jovo

I am very excited to be the newest member of the Bespoken team.

My first assignment – to build a voice app, of course! I’m an experienced full-stack developer, but this is my first voice-first project. And as part of this, I got interested in using the Jovo Framework, which I learned about from my colleagues.

Jovo allows for building cross-platform voice apps for Alexa and Google Assistant – we have been doing a lot of work to integrate our software with it (read more here). And so I was excited to try it out and learn more about the framework as well as Alexa skills and Google Actions. It seemed like a great way to come up to speed on both platforms simultaneously!

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Monitoring For Alexa Skills and Google Actions

We are pleased to announce the release of our monitoring software and alerting notifications for Amazon Alexa Skills and Google Assistant.

Monitoring works with either HTTP-based or Lambda-based voice apps, and regularly pings your service to ensure that it is alive and responding in a timely fashion.

Any issues, and you will get an email alert immediately. It’s easy to setup, and works in tandem with our already in-depth logging features.

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Introducing Actions On Google Support

We love the Google Assistant and Actions on Google, and have been working with them since their release late last year.

We are pleased that we now have support for them natively in our tools, both our bst proxy as well as Logless diagnostics dashboard. And we are thrilled to be recognized by Google on their Monitoring & Tools page, the only monitoring provider to have this recognition.

We believe Bespoken’s offering is a great asset for developing first-class Conversation Actions.

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