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The Super Simple AudioPlayer

We’ve created a new Github project, the Super Simple AudioPlayer, showing how to use the Alexa AudioPlayer in the easiest possible way.

The project has no code dependencies, uses no frameworks, and is meant to illustrate as simply and transparently as possible how the AudioPlayer works. We hope you find it useful!

It is structured as JavaScript/NodeJS Lambda. To get started using it, just follow our README.

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Playing Audio With Alexa

Did you know Alexa skills are not limited to Alexa’s voice? Your skill can respond to users with pre-recorded audio, a nice way to add some variety and personality to the listener’s experience.

By using a voice other than Alexa, skills can take on a distinct persona, one consistent with your brand or something altogether new and creative. It’s an awesome feature we use all the time! Here’s how we’ve been playing audio with Alexa.

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Developer Diary – Audio Streaming on Alexa

We were excited to see Amazon has made audio streaming on Alexa available. We had been anticipating it for some time, so we could not wait to get our hands on it!

We’ve already seen for some time “built-in” skills like Spotify, Amazon Prime Music and iHeartRadio on Alexa – this new offering makes it possible for developers and content publishers to make their own continuous listening experiences available.

This, in concert with Alexa’s existing conversational capabilities, makes it an even more compelling platform.

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