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Serverless Plugin For Local AWS Lambda Development

We love the Serverless Framework, and use it with our own internal development.

However, as much as we love it, we knew at least one thing it was missing: the Bespoken proxy.

But not anymore – now with our Serverless plugin, you can develop and test your AWS Lambdas developed with Serverless locally. Send HTTP requests and responses directly to your laptop while you’re developing, no deployment required.

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One-step AWS Lambda Deploy and More

We are pleased to introduce two new tools to our burgeoning Bespoken suite. They are:

  • bst deploy: One-step deployment of AWS lambdas from the command-line
  • BSTEncode: Easy-to-use API that automatically encodes audio files for use in Alexa skills

With the release of the deploy tool, we believe it rounds out the whole offering. With it, Bespoken Tools now accelerate and ensure quality through all stages of the Alexa skill development process:

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