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Webinar: The ABCs of Alexa Usability - Does Your Skill Make the Grade?

Wednesday, June 26th - 11 am PT | 2 pm ET

In this webinar, we will review the tactics and techniques behind solving the toughest problem in voice. We provide a simple-to-understand measurement system that is a road map for building great user experiences.

We will walk through the four levels of performance:

  • Outstanding: 99%+
  • Above Average: 95%+
  • Average: 85%+
  • Incomplete: <85%


Find out how Bespoken’s Usability Performance Testing measures your skill to provide these grades – and learn how you can quickly level up. We provide simple techniques and guidance for ensuring your users are well-understood.

At the lower tiers, these techniques are readily understandable and easy to implement. And at the higher levels, as the techniques become more advanced, we provide expert guidance to attain the highest levels of performance. We will demonstrate both basic and advanced scenarios and how to solve them in this webinar.

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A case of success: See how Mercedes-Benz achieved state-of-the-art testing and automation for voice with the Bespoken tools. Download our road map here.