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Webinar: Usability Performance Testing

Wednesday, January 23rd 10 am PT | 1 pm ET

We are pleased to present a very special webinar. We will introduce a new concept for testing in voice: Usability Performance. Ensuring speech recognition and NLU for voice is one of the most daunting challenges in building skills and actions – in a recent survey, it was the #1 capability requested by users:

To date, there has been no solution to these problems, other than “spray and pray” – adding new utterances and slot values, and hoping they 1) improve recognition for the intended intents and slots 2) do not harm recognition of existing utterances. This is not a reliable solution– waiting on 1-star reviews to figure out that users are not being understood by your app is the worst possible way to do things.

Bespoken’s Usability Performance Testing steps into this void, and provides an automated way to overcome these challenges. We provide detailed analyses of your entire interaction model – quickly, comprehensively, and repeatedly.

Using Bespoken’s Usability Performance Testing, you will:

  • Get a baseline read on the performance of your interaction model
  • Get recommendations on how to improve it
  • Continue testing on an ongoing basis to constantly improve and ensure performance, as your app evolves

Our webinar will review in-detail the challenges of Usability Performance as well as the Bespoken solution to measuring and improving it. We hope you can join us!


Bespoken is the leader in testing and monitoring for voice. We are a recognized partner of Amazon and Google, part of the Alexa sample projects (fact skill, audio player, college finder, and more coming up). Download our roadmap for testing and automation with Mercedes-Benz R&D here.


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