A Crash Course in Testing Automation: Go from Zero to Tested in 60 minutes

Wednesday, September 25th
1 pm ET | 10 am PT

Now that we’ve dispelled all the common excuses people have for NOT doing testing, it’s time to get started and put automation to work! Join our Crash Course in Testing Automation and learn:

The outcome? BETTER voice experiences, HAPPIER users, and TIME SAVED that would have been spent doing tedious, error-prone manual testing.

Emerson Sklar and John Kelvie from Bespoken will walk you through just how easy it is to get started. Join the Crash Course and up your game in Voice, while saving time, effort, money – and your Voice Team’s sanity! 🙂 

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A road map to automation: See how our customers achieved state-of-the-art testing and automation for voice with Bespoken. Read our case studies here.