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Voice Applications

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Interact with your Alexa Skills and Google Actions from an actual device — while you develop. See requests and responses in real time, and make updates on your computer without deploying every change. Like so.

And use our Speak and Intend commands to instantly emulate an Alexa device right from the command-line.

Install the command line interface (CLI) for Amazon or Google.


Stop rummaging through CloudWatch for logs.

Turn data from user interactions into readable conversations, with a five-minute SDK integration.

Quickly navigate logs and view the request, response, and even console output.
See how here.

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Ensure your skills and actions are working correctly.

Bespoken monitoring and alerting will constantly watch over your voice applications to ensure they are functioning properly, and we will let you know when they are not.

Never be taken by surprise by outages and issues again! Learn more.

  • "Bespoken tools was the single biggest thing I was thankful for this Thanksgiving."

    Tom Harrigan, VP Strategic Technology, Alley Interactive
  • "Thanks for the reference to Bespoken – way better than working with Lambda for development."

    Taber Smith
  • "Every day I code is a Bespoken tools day."

    Mark Tucker, Principal Engineer, VoiceXP