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Never Miss an Outage

Bespoken will constantly monitor your voice applications to ensure they are up and running. And if they're not? You will get an alert right away.

Save Time Building and Testing

Develop locally on your laptop by interacting with Alexa skills and Google Assistant voice apps from an actual device. See activity in real time and make updates – without deploying every single change.

Bespoken CLI

See Interactions as They Happen

Capture requests, responses, output statements, and exceptions to and from your voice apps. See data in a new way, and identify errors faster.

  • "Bespoken tools was the single biggest thing I was thankful for this Thanksgiving."

    Tom Harrigan, VP Strategic Technology, Alley Interactive
  • "The data that developers have been asking for."

    Dave Isbitski, Alexa and Echo Chief Evangelist, Amazon, Alexa Dev Chat Podcast
  • "Bespoken has been an absolute must for my development cycle."

    Island Pinnick, CTO, Democracy Live

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