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Testing, Training and Monitoring for Amazon Connect and Lex

Accelerate your Implementation

Bespoken’s automated testing lets you interact with AWS Connect- and Lex-powered contact center solutions at the click of a button – all without ever having to actually pick up a phone. Bespoken automatically generates a thorough automated test suite from your existing contact center configuration and even provides a simple tool to turn any phone calls that your manual testing team does place into automated tests. Customers leveraging Bespoken see a 30% reduction in time-to-implementation and a 90% reduction in manual testing effort required – both significantly increasing the ROI of your contact center modernization effort.

Understand your Users

Bespoken’s automated training is the only tool on the market designed to address the biggest pain point customers have with IVRs – the accuracy of speech recognition. Through our unique process, we help you identify underlying biases in the speech recognition platform and issues with your contact center configuration and provide actionable insight into optimizing your speech recognition accuracy. Customers leveraging Bespoken’s unique training solution see an average of 50% reduction in speech recognition issues – directly driving up call deflection and first-call resolution rates and reducing ongoing call center operating costs.

Future-proof your System

It is critical that call center applications work well at all times – not just today, but every day in the future. Equally critical is their performance under spikes of significant increased load. Trying to conduct large-scale load testing or ongoing performance monitoring with manual teams is time-consuming and expensive, but with Bespoken it’s simple. Our solution isn’t limited by the number of human testers or physical phone lines you have available, letting you run tests with huge volumes of concurrent callers at the click of a button. Similarly, tests can easily be scheduled to run on a regular hourly/daily/weekly basis and can deliver customized notifications upon performance degradation, ensuring you have both real-time and historical insight into system performance.

Get Started

We are proud to be a partner of Amazon Connect, as well as part of the AWS Marketplace. We want to put great voice experiences within the reach of every contact center provider.

To that end, give Bespoken’s 30-day risk-free trial a test today and see just how easy it is to perfect your AWS Connect and Lex implementations! Download our case study here, sign up to start a free trial, or get in touch for a demo via