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Alexa Skill Testing Checklist with over 10 Resources

We’ve been talking about Alexa skill testing a lot lately – in meetings, on calls, and in the digital world. Recently, in a post published on the Amazon Alexa Developer Blog, guest contributor John Kelvie gives a helpful and detailed overview of the 4 aspects of testing. Check it out here:

Building Engaging Alexa Skills: Why Testing and Automation Matter

To accompany John’s article, we have created this checklist to use while testing your voice apps. And within the list, we provide links to over 10 resources that will help you test and set up your unit testing framework and continuous deployment services.

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Amazon Agrees – Building Engaging Alexa Skills Requires Testing and Automation

It is a widely known fact in the voice-first industry that there are over 30,000 Alexa skills available to the citizens of the world today. In just over 3 years, Amazon Alexa and other voice-enabled devices have begun to shift the way millions of people interact with technology.

Voice is even on track to surpass the adoption of mobile phones. And nearly all of the credit to the success of Amazon Alexa can be given to the hard work of hundreds of Alexa developers – and to Amazon for recognizing the strength of open-source software.

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Amazon Alexa, Google Home, AI, and the Super Bowl

The reviews are in. Alexa, Tide, Doritos, Jeep, and Australia walked away as marketing’s big winners this year, according to numerous analyses and listicles following the Big Game. As human consumers, we can’t help but make our own personal ranking of Sunday’s advertisements. We know what to expect, too. The good, the ridiculously bad (remember puppy monkey baby?), and the funny.

Each year may seem like a same-commercial-different-day situation – a shiny car ad here a tug on the heart strings there. But this year, let’s take a take a look at how the voice community reacted to Alexa losing her voice, the absence of Google, and the subtle appearances of AI.

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The Alexa Conference 2018 and 15 Voice-first Conferences to Add to Your Calendar

This year has been deemed the year of voice by experts spanning a plethora of industries. In a short amount of time, researchers, analysts, the c-suite, and even grandparents have been exposed to the power of voice-first technology. As the march of voice continues, there are a number of events and conferences available to get involved with throughout the year.

Whether you’re a developer, a UX designer, founder of a voice-first company, or new to the voice landscape, attending a few voice-first conferences and events – in this particular year – is likely to benefit you for years to come.

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What’s New With the Bespoken Proxy (bst) and CLI Tools

Hello, everybody.

Some time ago in the far away land of 2016 we released the Bespoken CLI to help you develop Alexa skills locally, making testing and debugging far easier and faster. Well, since then a number of helpful improvements have been made to the Bespoken Proxy bst proxy; the command line interface is more user friendly than ever before.

Now that it’s been over a year since the launch, I’d like to show you how to get started using bst proxy all over again – as well as show you the many improvements that have been made along the way.

For those new to the Bespoken CLI, here’s a quick summary of what it is and how it works.

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Alexa Skill Building: 3 Lessons for Developers and Non-Developers

Earlier this year, the Bespoken team held a 1-day hackathon reserved for building our own Alexa skills from start to finish – idea to testing. Now that our skills have been published by Amazon and are available on millions of Echo devices, we need your help selecting a winner.

Before we get to the skills, we’d like to let you in on some hackathon details and share 3 key learnings from this experience. Skip to the skills.

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Voice Is Eating The World

We create software for monitoring and testing voice apps. We consider our job to be a humble but necessary one, and for people that enjoy troubleshooting and automation, one that is filled with many sublime pleasures.

But sometimes, we feel the need to step back, take a look around, and make an extremely bold proclamation. Today is just such a day – so sit down, put down any potentially stain-inflicting liquids, and brace yourself! Because we have news for you – even if you aren’t excited about the subtle pleasures of well-instrumented systems, you should be excited about a voice.

Voice represents a revolution that is going to make the mobile install-base (2B+) seem quaint. That’s right – for voice devices, two billion is not the ceiling – it’s the floor.

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11 New Bespoken Dashboard Features From Our Users – We’re All Ears

Customer feedback is crucial for every software company, and over the past few months our team has been busy gathering thoughts and listening to our users as they navigate the voice app development space. If you’re an active member of the Alexa Slack community, it’s likely our own founder and CEO, John Kelvie, has asked you a few questions directly.

Thanks to our hundreds of users, we’d like to share the following Bespoken Dashboard features that were inspired by real users.

Want to track progress of an issue or see if one was already implemented? To hold us accountable, check in with the activity on Github, and keep the feedback coming.

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Alexa Skill Automation – Testing, Integration, and Delivery

Developers love automated testing and deployment, but up until recently, it has not been possible for voice apps. Luckily, with Bespoken’s suite of tools, first-class automation and testing are now achievable! We took one of our homegrown skills and used our new Virtual Device SDK for end-to-end tests, along with our unit-testing tools, and have turned it into a showcase for best practices for Alexa skill testing and automation.

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Automated Testing for Alexa Skills – Validation

We are very pleased to announce our Validation feature is available in Beta on the Bespoken Dashboard. You now have the power to run automated testing for your Alexa Skills – and you can do it all without talking!

With Validation, you can create a sequence of tests for Alexa by just typing. These tests are then automatically run against the actual Alexa Voice Service (AVS) and your skill. It’s magical, it’s extremely useful for ensuring voice app performance, and it goes great with our new bst speak command as well as our Virtual Device SDK. They all rely on the same underlying technology to make testing Alexa easier than ever.

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