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March 9, 2021 in Blog

Bespoken Automated Testing for IVR Genesys Call Centers

TL;DR Genesys Call Centers now delivers World-Class, delightful Voice Experiences thanks to Bespoken Automated Testing for IVR

Over the past two years, Bespoken has made IVR and the digital contact center a focus for their world-class automation tools. As part of this effort, we are pleased to announce that Bespoken customers can now test, train and monitor their voice experiences via the Genesys AppFoundry.

Customers can start our FREE TRIAL with one click, rapidly reducing the tedium of manual testing, reducing errors, and increasing call deflection, customer satisfaction, and ROI. 

Genesys is the leading global provider of customer experience and call center technology to some of the best-known companies in over 100 countries across the world. Leveraging cloud-based and on-premises software, they serve over 70 billion customers worldwide. 

Using Bespoken, Genesys customers can deliver world-class customer service while reducing operating costs as well as increasing customer satisfaction and call deflection rates, reducing speech recognition errors, and having confidence their system can meet any surge in calls.

“We are very excited to be part of the Genesys AppFoundry. With a one-click free trial, you can start using Bespoken’s test automation for your IVR experiences. In 30 days, customers can have a comprehensive, repeatable testing regimen in place – it covers scale, accuracy, correctness, and monitoring, completely risk-free. We believe in delivering immense value to Genesys customers that is a win for all parties.”

How we did it

Bespoken IVR is a testing, training and monitoring platform designed specifically for Genesys PureCloud. Bespoken IVR testing provided Genesys a fast and easy way to ensure that your chatbots, voicebots and modern IVR are delivering world-class customer service while reducing operating costs.


We mimicked actual calls and texts to Genesys’ contact center to ensure it understands their customers and provides them with fast and easy resolutions to their queries. 

Our tests are easy to set up, written in plain-English, and anyone can create them from interns to QA people to non-technical stakeholders. Once you create them, you can run them automatically, either on schedule or based on external triggers (such as changes to code).


We provided detailed, easy-to-implement advice to ensure Genesys’ users are always well-understood. Accents, poor line quality, and/or background noise can impact Speech recognition. Bespoken makes sure to understand your systems understand your users every time.


Our monitoring makes sure it continues to deliver outstanding performance, and reliability once the Genesys applications are tested, trained, and gone live. When problems do arise, we send notifications to let customers, as well as provide comprehensive reporting to view trends over time.

Load Testing: Have confidence every application can scale. We simulate high-volumes of calls, up to whatever level might be expected by your system, and help identify bottlenecks that prevent applications from handling surges in calls.

Reporting and Alerting: The Bespoken solution generates reports that provide detailed descriptions of any errors, as well as recommendations on how to resolve the issues. For ongoing monitoring, we will alert team members when needed based on the severity of the error encountered.

Start now

Delight your customers and cut your costs through automated IVR testing, training and monitoring. 

It’s easy to get started – with our free trial, we will:

* Setup an initial set of automated tests

* Configure an automated testing schedule and continuous testing infrastructure

* Configure reporting and notifications as needed for your team

* Provide an analysis on system errors, load bottlenecks, and recognition optimization

* Hand all this off to your team to ensure that going forward, things are always running consistently

Alternatively, we are available to maintain and enhance the test suite over time. We have been successful working with customers both ways, and our overall goal is to help our customers. Some of our customers include Mercedes-Benz, Spotify, Roku, AT&T, and Ford Motors, deliver exceptional voice experiences to their users. This means higher CSAT, higher call-deflection rates, and overall, higher ROI for your Genesys investment.

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