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April 27, 2023 in Blog

Launching in the cloud with confidence, through automated testing

How a global manufacturer is leveraging AI-powered automated testing to optimize customer journeys

A global manufacturer of connectors and sensors for a wide variety of applications including industrial equipment, consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive, aerospace, data communications, and more. It is a business-to-business (B2B) enterprise that works with both distributors and end-customer manufacturers. 

This company’s contact center agents, or rather “consultants,” handle a wide range of requests across multiple channels – email, chat, and voice. Distributors may have questions about order processing, specifications on parts, help with an order, or status. Manufacturers may need help designing a connector or sensor for a new piece of equipment. Part of the agent’s role is educating customers as well. 

The customer-service interactions are truly omnichannel. Customer interaction may span multiple channels in a single day. For example, a customer may start with a voice call; have an agent follow up over email with additional information and specifications; and then continue the conversation with questions over Whatsapp. One agent needs to be able to follow the conversation to resolution across all these different channels. 

The importance of omnichannel testing

Testing is an important aspect of this company’s contact-center initiatives to ensure high quality, high availability customer service. 

Given the multichannel nature of its customer interactions, including channel shifting, This company needed a testing platform that could support omnichannel communication. Troy Doherty, who leads the team and has over 20 years of experience in the contact center space, chose Bespoken for this capability. 

According to Doherty, no other testing provider could accommodate the multichannel interactions. Other testing providers treated channels separately – assuming different agents for each channel. Bespoken is the only one with the functionality to support this company’s environment.

Plus, Bespoken is priced better than the competition!

Simulating peak volumes and attaining peace of mind 

This global sensor solution company started out using Bespoken for load testing. Prior to Bespoken, the whole team would manually try to load-test by contacting customer service, across multiple channels, all at the same time. This method neither scaled nor provided an accurate simulation of load. It was critical to find a better way, as this company moved from an on-premise, contact center solution to Genesys Cloud CX. 

Bespoken was able to automate, in real-time, a real call volume over 150% of the max volume our customer received – without the need for hundreds of people. 

And, the results were impressive!

First, the load testing helped identify areas of improvement in overflow – when unhandled calls get routed from one region to the next. Through Bespoken, our partner was able to visually see what happens to each region when the load is applied. They could easily see the overflow, across borders, from one region to another, and identified areas to improve. 

Second, they achieved “peace of mind” knowing their contact center can handle high-volume loads. Bespoken tested 150% of our partner’s max volume with no issues! 

“Bespoken is great to work with. They listened to how we do business and provided testing to fit our needs. Bespoken is the only provider who could test truly blended, omnichannel agents,” says Doherty. 

Ongoing functional testing and monitoring

Now that load testing is in place, our partner is moving to functional testing with Bespoken. Each time a change in code is made, our partner will run a set of regression tests to ensure nothing has broken as well as functional tests to ensure a positive user experience. 

Given the experience with Bespoken to date, they are confident the functional testing will save a significant amount of time, and help ensure a high-quality customer experience. 

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Our Partner’s use of Bespoken’s platform is a great example of how AI-powered testing can optimize customer journeys and improve customer service. Bespoken’s platform offers accuracy testing, functional testing, load testing, and monitoring of contact centers and conversational AI solutions like chatbots and interactive voice response (IVR) systems. Companies looking to ensure high-quality customer experiences should definitely consider utilizing Bespoken’s platform.

To see how Bespoken can help save time and ensure high-quality customer experiences, sign up today, or schedule a demo call with our team.