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July 14, 2021 in Blog

The ROI of Contact Center Accuracy

Improving the Accuracy of Your Contact Center System Can Dramatically Improve ROI

Bespoken helps contact centers measure and improve the accuracy of their systems leveraging our Usability Performance Testing. This delivers higher quality, more delightful user experiences to customers.

But it also helps with the bottom line. Take a look at our ROI calculator below to see how improved accuracy can benefit your users alongside your financial efficiency. To use it, simply set the inputs for your system (such as calls per day, cost per call handled by agent, currency accuracy, etc.). If you don’t know your current accuracy level, know that we typically see systems that start between 75-80%, and end up between 90-95%. As the calculator below demonstrates, this has a huge impact!

For help rapidly improving the accuracy of your voicebot or chatbot, and generating the sort of returns shown in our calculator, reach out to us at We can deliver high performance, and high value, fast for your contact center.