Bespoken LLM Benchmark: Does ChatGPT know more than Google and Amazon?
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Test, train, and monitor IVR with Bespoken and Amazon Chime SDK

Increase customer satisfaction in the contact center, with automated testing and monitoring

Accuracy Testing
Functional Testing
Load Testing

Identify & triage defects in IVR and chatbots

Test your IVR or chatbot from start to finish – including automatic speech recognition (ASR), natural language understanding (NLU), and user functionality.

Optimize customer journeys

Ensure high quality customer experiences at scale. Eliminate bottlenecks before they impact customers. Benchmark providers to optimize flows for customer accents and use cases.

Achieve peace of mind

Never miss an outage or wonder if your chatbot or IVR is working correctly. Easily measure scalability. Rest easy with 24/7 monitoring. Receive real-time alerts to resolve issues quickly.

10+ million
Tests processed since 2017
Hours saved per year
Defects identified per customer per year

Supporting Amazon Chime SDK

The Amazon Chime SDK enables enterprises to easily integrate their contact-center, IVR solutions with Amazon language services, including Amazon Lex.

With Bespoken’s testing suite, Amazon Chime SDK customers can easily test, train, and monitor their IVR solutions.

The Bespoken testing suite is available in the AWS Marketplace.