Bespoken LLM Benchmark: Does ChatGPT know more than Google and Amazon?
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The Dunes of the
The Desert of Ica, Peru

Meet our team

Executive Chairman and Co-Founder
I am the Executive Chairman and co-founder of Bespoken. I provide strategic guidance, assist in marketing and fundraising, and lead the board in oversight of the management team. I am also the retired Chairman and CEO of Fannie Mae and I have been previously was a General Partner of the investment bank Lazard Freres & Co. I have also served as the Director of the Office of Management and Budget in the Clinton Administration, the board of Directors of six Fortune 100 companies, Co-Chairman of the Business Roundtable and Vice Chairman of the Business Council.
CEO & Co-Founder
I’m passionate about providing diagnostics tools that help people build great systems. I’ve worked across expert systems, RFID, and speech recognition. And I’ve enjoyed working with Alexa because it brings all these things together. I like spending time in the desert of Ica Peru, exploring different parts of Latin America with my wife and daughter.
Director of Business Development
Chief Evangelist
I have spent most of my career working in the QA space, including for the Army Research Lab, Borland, and Applause, and I am passionate about the impact that effective testing can have on products and users. I love working for Bespoken because it makes voice development so much faster, easier, and more fun – and the llama is pretty cool too! Outside of work, I love adventure cycling, cooking, and volunteering with the Scouts BSA.
Head of Product
I’m a Systems Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in Software Development for Latin America, North America, and Europe. I’m really passionate about new technologies and working with people from all over the world and that is why the Voice space and working at Bespoken are so exciting to me. Besides technology, other interests I have are music, wrestling, and photography. Quite a mix huh?
Marketing Manager
I have a decade+ of marketing experience across different industries and have launched successful strategies and campaigns for different brands.

I’m excited about emerging technology, primarily AI & Voice Assistants and see how they evolve every day.

My passions include, graphic design, traveling, singing and spending time with my family.
Customer Success Manager
I’m Iván, I love technology and learning new things. When I heard about Bespoken and the Voice-First world, the Star-trek computer came to my mind so I said to myself … Hey! I have to be part of this, I want to ride this wave, when IoT devices become of general use, this will be the way to interact!
Head of Development
I’m Juan Perata, been working at Software Development in various roles for 12 years both for Peruvian and international companies. I like to play basket, video games, and board games. I like working in Bespoken because it makes development easier for people and allows me to be in touch with the latest innovations in voice.
Admin Guru
I have taught and been an organizer and an administrator at socially purposed organizations. At Bespoken, I enjoy overseeing Human Resources and Financial and Accounting Services. It is very rewarding to assist Bespoken’s creative talents by permitting them to focus on innovation through the reduction of administrative tasks. I also enjoy interacting with Bespoken’s customers, who are innovators as well.
Software Engineer
I’m Pier Castaneda, I’ve been working on website development for around 10 years. I like video games, board games, solving puzzles and dark humor (not necessarily in that order), I also like technology and helping people, Working in Bespoken allows me to both help developers with awesome tools and play around with the latest voice technologies.
Software Engineer
I am a software engineer with 9 years of experience, the last years working on JS. I love working in bespoken because voice applications have such a potential, and we are helping developers to achieve that potential. I like to travel and experience other cultures like a local.
Senior Software Developer
Hi! I’m Jorge, a peruvian Software Engineer with 7 years of coding experience, especially using javascript. Currently, I’m working at Bespoken along with an amazing team with different set of skills helping others developers make their work easier. I love spending time with my adorable son and wife and watching sci-fi movies, yes! I am family guy and I like it so much.
Senior QA Engineer
I’m Ken Li and I have over 8 years of experience as a quality assurance engineer. In the past 8 years, I’ve worked in many types of software products from education assessments like Measure Progress to a personalize retail company like Shutterfly. My hobbies include playing sports and bin watch series. The best thing about working in Bespoken is that you get to be in the frontline in automation testing for voice application.
Software Engineer
Hello there, I’m Moisés Ñañez. I’ve been working on web development using Ruby on Rails and React. I like to play video games, board games, and violin. I like working at Bespoken because it is for helping developers and keep up to date with the latest voice technologies.