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Bespoken Live Testing: Your Skills + Our Testing Experts = Real-Time Test Automation

January 2nd – 10 am PT | 1pm ET

Kick-off your new year in style – and automation! Join our upcoming Live Testing session with Bespoken’s Chief Evangelist, Emerson Sklar, and CEO, John Kelvie. And get your Alexa skill tested in real-time.

Why should you attend?

  • Watch us create, in less than sixty minutes, an awesome automated testing regimen for YOUR skill
  • Stump the experts – bring us your toughest testing problems – if we can’t solve them, you get a free plush llama
  • Get advice and insight on how to build top-quality, 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 voice experiences

So join us on January 2nd. And if you can’t make it then, we will be taking the show on the road. We will be at:

  • CES – Las Vegas – from January 6th – 9th
  • Project Voice – Chattanooga – from January 13th – 16th

Come on down, meet us, and get the Bespoken Seal of Approval.

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A road map to automation: See how our customers achieved state-of-the-art testing and automation for voice with Bespoken. Read our case studies here.

Bespoken Office Hours: Questions, Answers PLUS Live Testing YOUR Skills

Join us to discuss any and all things voice-related. We are happy to answer your questions about Alexa skills, Google Actions, or any other topic you want. It does not have to be just testing 🙂.

We will also be doing live testing of your skills and actions. Bring us your gnarliest voice challenges, and we will create automated tests on the fly for you. 

Join Bespoken Voice Experts Emerson Sklar and John Kelvie to go from zero to automated with Bespoken Office Hours on Thursday, November 21st at 1 PM ET – 10 AM PT.

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A Crash Course in Testing Automation: Go from Zero to Tested in 60 minutes

Now that we’ve dispelled all the common excuses people have for NOT doing testing, it’s time to get started and put automation to work! Join our Crash Course in Testing Automation and learn:

  • How Much Time You Will Save With Automated Testing
  • How To Write Your First Automated Tests In Just Five Minutes
  • Building Out Your Automated Test Suites And Ensure Everything Works, Every Time

The outcome? BETTER voice experiences, HAPPIER users, and TIME SAVED that would have been spent doing tedious, error-prone manual testing.

Emerson Sklar and John Kelvie from Bespoken will walk you through just how easy it is to get started. Join the Crash Course  and up your game in Voice, while saving time, effort, money – and your Voice Team’s sanity! 🙂 

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The ABCs of Alexa Usability – Does Your Skill Make the Grade?

In this webinar, we will review the tactics and techniques behind solving the toughest problem in voice. We provide a simple-to-understand measurement system that is a road map for building great user experiences.

We will walk through the four levels of performance:

  • Outstanding – 99%+
  • Above Average – 95%+
  • Average – 85%+
  • Incomplete – <85%

Find out how Bespoken’s Usability Performance Testing measures your skill to provide these grades – and learn how you can quickly level up. We provide simple techniques and guidance for ensuring your users are well-understood.

At the lower tiers, these techniques are readily understandable and easy to implement. And at the higher levels, as the techniques become more advanced, we provide expert guidance to attain the highest levels of performance. We will demonstrate both basic and advanced scenarios and how to solve them in this webinar.

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Optimizing Speech Recognition for Alexa Skills – A Practical Overview

One of the biggest challenges in developing Alexa skills (and Google Actions) is ensuring your users are being properly understood. According to a recent survey from VoiceBot, it is the most sought after characteristic in a voice assistant.

This problem might seem daunting, but Bespoken has tools, and guidance, to help solve even the trickiest speech recognition scenarios.

Join us in this webinar to learn about these techniques to continuously measure and fine-tune your skills. We will review how to:

  • Measure how well the users of your skills are being understood
  • Solve common speech recognition (ASR) and natural language understanding issues (NLU) via straightforward techniques
  • Incorporate these tools and techniques as part of your regular development and monitoring process


All experience levels are welcome: the webinar content has been designed for all audiences.

Join us! Not sure you can make it? No worries – register anyway and we will email you the recording.


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Better voice application code, faster? And FREE?

The answer is YES! Bespoken’s FREE, open-source debugging and unit testing tools changes the game in coding for voice applications.

In our upcoming webinar we’ll revisit Bespoken’s open source tools that will improve and accelerate your voice app development. Here you will learn:

  • Learn how to debug and interact with your voice app locally, without having to redeploy for every code change
  • Learn the easiest way to write unit tests for your voice apps, ensuring the quality of your code from the start


Join us to accelerate your voice app development with Bespoken!

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Usability Performance Testing

Our upcoming webinar we’ll be introducing Bespoken’s Usability performance Testing, which solves the #1 problem in voice testing. Here you will :

  • Get a baseline read on the performance of your interaction model
  • Get recommendations on how to improve it
  • Continue testing on an ongoing basis to constantly improve and ensure performance, as your app evolves


Our webinar will review in-detail the challenges of Usability Performance as well as the Bespoken solution to measuring and improving it. We hope you can join us!

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In-Depth Voice Test Automation + Chance To Win FREE Automation Accelerator

This webinar on in-depth voice test automation reviews best practices for:

  • Setting up a virtual device to automate testing
  • Setting up your first end-to-end tests for Alexa
  • Tying end-to-end tests into an automation framework
  • Leveraging monitoring and Bespoken APIs for even deeper testing


Make sure to install ($ npm install -g bespoken-tools) or upgrade ($ npm update -g bespoken-tools) your Bespoken CLI to v2 and get a chance to win a Bespoken Automation Accelerator for your voice app valued at $1000. We’ll choose a winner from the attendees!


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Webinar: Accelerate Skill Development and Certification with Test Automation

This webinar on accelerating certification reviews best practices for:

  • Unit-testing and functional-testing skills during development and QA
  • Leveraging automation to accelerate development and meet tight timelines
  • Certification-proofing your skill via testing best practices
  • Rapid re-submission via automated testing


The holidays are near, and the crunch to get skills submitted and certified will soon be upon us. Be ready with Bespoken, join us!

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Tools for Industrial-Grade Skill Development

In this webinar, we review the essential tools for Alexa skill development, and how to setup your environment to be a 10X skill developer:

  • Developing locally on one’s laptop with VS Code and Bespoken CLI
  • Leveraging unit-tests to ensure code is working correctly
  • Leveraging end-to-end tests to ensure the interaction model is working correctly
  • Pulling it all together with automation platforms like Travis for continuous testing and deployment


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Why Testing is Essential for Voice (And How to Do It)

In this webinar, find out why voice is a truly test-centric platform and why having a comprehensive testing strategy is as important as the actual development. Both developers and non-developers will learn why testing matters specifically for voice and artificial intelligence and how to empower quality assurance teams. Find out the benefits (and ease) of test automation and how to implement a testing regimen for yourself.

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The Essential for Building Five-Star Alexa Voice Experiences

Today, most organizations are still struggling to find their voice; more than 900 skills have a one-star rating and only 6% of users return to a voice app the second week after download. In this webinar, find out how to make voice a valuable part of your customer journey.

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Top 10 Reasons Not To Do Automated Testing