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Webinar: Accelerate Skill Development and Certification with Test Automation

Wednesday, November 14th 2018

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Our upcoming webinar on accelerating certification will review best practices for:

  • Unit-testing and functional-testing skills during development and QA
  • Leveraging automation to accelerate development and meet tight timelines
  • Certification-proofing your skill via testing best practices
  • Rapid re-submission via automated testing

The holidays are near, and the crunch to get skills submitted and certified will soon be upon us. Be ready with Bespoken, join us!.

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Bespoken is the leader in testing and monitoring for voice. We are a recognized partner of Amazon and Google, part of the Alexa sample projects (fact skill, audio player, and more coming up). Download our roadmap for testing and automation with Mercedes-Benz R&D here.

Tools for Industrial-Grade Skill Development

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In this webinar, we review the essential tools for Alexa skill development, and how to setup your environment to be a 10X skill developer:

  • Developing locally on one’s laptop with VS Code and Bespoken CLI
  • Leveraging unit-tests to ensure code is working correctly
  • Leveraging end-to-end tests to ensure the interaction model is working correctly
  • Pulling it all together with automation platforms like Travis for continuous testing and deployment

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Alexa Skill Testing In-Depth

Thursday, September 27th, 1 PM PST

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The session reviews best practices for testing Alexa skills.

The goal is for developers and QA people to come away knowing how to efficiently test Alexa skills, during development as well as the QA phase of projects. By leveraging automation, skill builders can ensure their code and interaction models are working perfectly. No more NullPointerExceptions or bad utterances!

Memo Döring (Alexa Developer Evangelist, Amazon) and John Kelvie (CEO and Co-founder, Bespoken) review the new CollegeFinder sample skill, which features:

  • Automated Unit Testing

  • Automated End-to-end Testing

  • Continuous Integration via Travis CI

  • Code Coverage via CodeCov.io

Developers will learn:

  • The proper roles of the different types of testing

  • To create automated unit tests that ensure code quality

  • To create end-to-end tests that ensure overall system quality as well as rigorously test the interaction model behavior

  • The benefits of code coverage for finding problem spots in code, and measuring quality over time

  • How to make sure what is fixed, stays fixed, using continuous integration

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Office Hours

Wednesday, November 7

Get guidance from the Bespoken team, answers to your questions, and network with the voice-first community during these open Q&A sessions with voice app automation experts.

Why Testing is Essential for Voice (And How to Do It)

Wednesday, September 19

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In this webinar, find out why voice is a truly test-centric platform and why having a comprehensive testing strategy is as important as the actual development. Both developers and non-developers will learn why testing matters specifically for voice and artificial intelligence and how to empower quality assurance teams. Find out the benefits (and ease) of test automation and how to implement a testing regimen for yourself.

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The Essential for Building Five-Star Alexa Voice Experiences

Wednesday, August 15

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Today, most organizations are still struggling to find their voice; more than 900 skills have a one-star rating and only 6% of users return to a voice app the second week after download. In this webinar, find out how to make voice a valuable part of your customer journey.

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