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March 14, 2023 in Blog

Announcing Bespoken Testing Suite and Amazon Chime SDK Partnership

bespoken and amazon chime sdk

We are excited to announce partnering with Amazon Chime SDK to enable enterprise customers to deliver high-quality conversational AI solutions. Together, AWS and Bespoken customers can build, test, and maintain interactive voice response (IVR) systems that deliver exceptional customer service, with peace of mind. 

Bespoken enables enterprises to optimize the customer journey and increase customer satisfaction, through automated testing and monitoring of conversational AI. Our platform includes accuracy testing, functional testing, load testing, and continuous monitoring of IVR and chatbots. 

The Amazon Chime SDK enables enterprises to easily integrate contact-center, IVR solutions with Amazon language services, including Amazon Lex.

With Bespoken, Amazon Chime SDK customers can identify and triage defects in their IVR, optimize conversation flows, and achieve peace of mind knowing their conversational AI can deliver high-quality, customer service at scale.

AWS customers can select Bespoken from the AWS Marketplace and be up and running in moments.

To learn more about Bespoken and AWS Chime SDK, contact us for a demo.