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Hello! This is Diego Martin, Product Manager at Bespoken, with an important announcement. As you know, up until now Bespoken’s monitoring tools have been free. However, as the voice landscape has matured, so has our product. Based on that, we will be introducing pricing that makes it easy (and still free) to get started with our software, but allows us to charge what we believe is a fair price for our tools.


Starting October 1,  we will introduce the pricing plans described below:


Standard Pro



Up to 1

Up to 3 Up to 10




10M/month 50M/month



$29/month $79/month

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*A voice app on two platforms counts as two voice apps
End-to-End Testing

30-Day Trial – Contact Us for Pricing

If you are a heavy logs user or have more than one voice app being monitored at the moment, fear not! As a thank you for your loyalty, all of our current users will receive three months of the Standard tier for free. No need to do anything on your side.

What’s more, we promise to introduce more exciting features and will continue to improve and refine your entire user experience. Without revealing too much, keep an eye out for these updates in the near future:

  • An improved, more user-friendly experience for testing your voice apps
  • The ability to easily test and monitor across multiple voice platforms


Have questions or concerns about these changes? Drop me an email at [email protected], I’ll be happy to connect with you and answer your questions.

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