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February 2, 2017 in Blog

Bespoken Recognized on the Alexa Agencies and Tools Page

TL;DR We are thrilled to be included on Amazon’s Agencies and Tools page as well as in several sample projects on the Alexa Github page. Bespoken provides testing, monitoring, and analytics tools for Alexa developers.

Amazon has released the Alexa Agencies and Tools page with a list of organizations that build skills as well as tools for Alexa skill developers. We are thrilled to be included in the list with the other great tools and skill creators. As skill creators ourselves, we wanted a way to share the tools we’ve developed to help with skill creation in the Alexa developers community.

Our tools for unit testing, end to end testing, and usability performance testing will make sure your Alexa skills are performing at 100% at all times and delivery top ratings from users. Learn more about our solutions for Alexa developers here.

In addition to this, Bespoken is also featured in several sample projects on the Alexa Github page. You’ll find us featured in this fact skill, audio player, and in the more complex college finder where you can enable continuous integration with Travis CI and automated unit and end-to-end tests with our Bespoken tools.

As always, we would love to hear from you for feedback and feature requests, send us an e-mail at We have much more coming up so stay tuned 🚀

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