Proceeds to Enable the Voice AI Testing Software Company to Add Features and Expand Sales and Marketing Lima, Peru – July 12, 2018 – Bespoken Holdings, the worldwide leader in automated testing and monitoring for voice interactive artificial intelligence, announced today that it has completed its seed funding round. The company raised $2.4 million, which will be used to add features to its product suite and to expand sales and marketing. The company is a featured partner with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Bespoken was founded in 2017 and currently has over 2,500 developers and QA people using its tools and testing products. Over 1,000 Alexa Skills and Google Actions are being tested and monitored with Bespoken software. Bespoken has a broad portfolio of testing software, including open source command line development tools; automated testing products for manual, unit, end-to-end, and continuous testing; and an enterprise automated testing solution, incorporating continuous deployment, continuous integration, and code coverage. “We are very pleased that investors have chosen to support our vision of testing as the superpower to improve the productivity of developers and the quality of their voice applications. We look forward to telling the world about what is possible with automation and voice at the upcoming Voice Summit in New Jersey, on-stage with Mercedes-Benz R&D,” said John Kelvie, CEO and co-founder of Bespoken. Individual accredited investors led by Frank Raines, Executive Chairman and co-founder of Bespoken provided the financing. “Bespoken has the opportunity to create a new category of testing and monitoring for voice applications. Voice interactive artificial intelligence systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant pose unique quality assurance challenges. Bespoken is the leader among those trying to come up with solutions for developers, quality assurance, and DevOps,” Raines said. Bespoken has operations in Lima Peru, Seattle, and Washington DC. Contact: John Kelvie [email protected]