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October 24, 2018 in Blog

Guy Borgford joins Bespoken to lead business development

TL;DR Bespoken announces the incorporation of Guy Borgford in the Business Development area. Guy has nearly 20 years of experience in business development and strategic marketing and has worked with companies such as Macy's, Nestle, Ford, Honda, and RollingStone among others.

Before joining Bespoken, and after nearly 20 years working in the Seattle technology space, Guy Borgford worked in business development and strategic marketing roles in digital publishing, digital agencies, and software design and engineering. From heading up partner strategy and marketing at and Rhapsody to leading new business development at leading digital design and development firms such as Globant and Smashing Ideas, his focus has always been on customer success and driving revenue for the teams he supports. Guy has also worked with other outstanding companies like Macy’s, Nestle, Ford, Honda, etc.

The move to voice technology is a natural progression in my career, as it’s clear this mode of human-machine interaction will dominate the digital landscape sooner than we think.

As a daily user of both Alexa and Google Assistant technology, Guy’s already sold. When assessing Bespoken, he immediately saw a company that built its products around eliminating pain points with which the founders were all too familiar as they were building voice experiences themselves.

Some may think QA and testing aren’t sexy but shipping great experiences on time is the outcome everyone is looking to achieve. In our space this makes careers.

This is an exciting addition to the Bespoken team. His valuable contributions have been well received since the first day, and we are sure that his experience and skills will allow us to rapidly increase our partner portfolio.

Good luck and welcome Guy!

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