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December 5, 2019 in Blog

Bespoken Release Roundup – December 2019

TL;DR Read our Release Roundup for December 2019 to see everything that's new and fresh at Bespoken. Stay tuned for upcoming releases!

Hi! This is Diego Martin, I’m the Product Manager at Bespoken and, as part of our efforts to improve, I’ll be sharing with you the latest news regarding our products every month. This will include new features as well as bugs that have been resolved.



New features

  • Monitoring history page: Allows you to quickly see how your monitored voice apps have been working during the last 24 hours or more. Read more about it here.

Monitoring History Page

  • Custom voice selection: You can now select which voice to use in your Dashboard end-to-end test utterances. Choose from a huge array of voices offered by Amazon Polly and Google Cloud Text To Speech.

Custom voice selection

  • Revamped Subscription process and Billing page: There’s a new icon at the left of your Dashboard that will let you subscribe to one of our paid plans faster and more easily than ever. If you are an already subscribed user, you can use the same page to see stats on your account usage, update your plan or your credit card info (previously under "My account").  

Billing page

Bug resolution

  • Test page:
    • Fixed an issue where the syntax check on the YAML test editor would fail and could delete the script if switching to the UI test editor.
  • Monitoring:
    • Fixed an issue where syntax errors on YAML tests were not being notified.
    • Fixed an issue where having an empty YAML script was not being notified.
    • Fixed an issue where users were NOT notified when tokens became invalid due to revoked permissions.

Bespoken CLI


New Features:

  • BST init: With this new command, it’s easier than ever to get started on testing with Bespoken. Either if you are looking for unit or end to end testing, the command will ask you some questions that, once filled, will generate for you your first test file and folder structure. It’s a great starting point! Read more about it here.

bst init command

  • HTML Report Summary: Our HTML Report for unit and end to end testing now includes a summary that provides a quick look at all your test results and direct navigation to any of them. Read more about our HTML reports here.

HTML Report

  • Virtual Device base URL: A new setting called was added to the e2e tests that will let you point our virtual device requests to a custom endpoint should you needed. Read more about configuring your e2e tests here.

Bug resolution:

  • Variable resolution was not working when using localized tests. (skill-testing-ml #307)
  • The test syntax checker didn’t recognize an error when there were two hyphens at the start of a test (skill-testing-ml #313)
  • The test syntax checker didn’t recognize an error when there was no space after a hyphen(skill-testing-ml #308)
  • Unit tests for Alexa would stop if the interaction models included catalogs (skill-testing-ml #320)
  • The command bst speak now works with more locales besides en-US (bst #614)

Virtual Devices

Bug fixing

  • Fixed an intermittent connection error with the message "Flow control window shrunk below 0".
  • There was an unusual amount of errors with the message "Error in response from AVS". This is a custom alert that we sent when there have been issues communicating with Alexa. We have taken the steps necessary to reduce the number of these errors happening.

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