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February 16, 2018 in Blog

How to test Voice Apps: Alexa Skill and Google Action Testing Checklist with over 10 Resources

TL;DR Use this checklist to guide you through the 5 aspects of Alexa skill and Google Action testing. Plus, get over 10 recommended resources. See more below!

Alexa skills and Google Actions are both fun and useful, but only if they’re working correctly. Otherwise, they’re just plain frustrating. Testing and monitoring is the best way to make sure your app is working correctly 100% of the time. If you don’t believe us, here’s a post published on the Amazon Alexa Developer Blog, where guest contributor John Kelvie gives a helpful and detailed overview of the 4 aspects of testing and why it is important. Check it out here:

Building Engaging Alexa Skills: Why Testing and Automation Matter

Additionally, now you can use all of our testing and monitoring features in your Google Actions as well. You can read more about this here:

Here’s how to Monitor your Google Actions 24/7

To accompany these articles, we’ve created this checklist to use while testing your voice apps for quality assurance. In this list, we provide links to over 10 resources that will help you run automated tests for your voice apps and improve their overall performance.

Alexa Skill and Google Action Testing Overview

  1. Manual Testing: Check basic functions of code, interaction model, VUX
  2. Unit Testing: Ensures code is working correctly in isolation. Fast because it runs locally – no deployment required
  3. End-to-End Testing: Ensures the entire system is working correctly – AI (ASR + NLU), Code, External Services, Comprehensive & Easy-to-write
  4. Continuous Testing: Constantly queries your voice app to verify it is working as expected. Run a monitoring test script and be notified if something goes wrong.
  5. Usability Performance Testing: Measures how well speech recognition and NLU of your voice apps are working and continuously fine-tune your interaction model.

Download our Alexa Skill and Google Action Testing Checklist

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