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August 27, 2019 in Blog

Introducing Emerson Sklar, our new Chief Evangelist

TL;DR Bespoken welcomes Emerson Sklar as our new first Chief Evangelist, read on to learn more about him.
Welcome Emerson

We are thrilled to welcome Emerson Sklar as the new Chief Evangelist of Bespoken.

Emerson joins Bespoken following his role as Director of Voice Services at Applause. He helped found and formalize Applause’s voice practice and strategy, including getting them recognized as one of the 4 Alexa-approved testing services providers (alongside Bespoken).

Bespoken and Applause have worked together across a variety of opportunities over the last nearly two years – it’s been a pleasure during that time to get to know Emerson and to work with him. He is one of the most insightful and perceptive people working in the space – as part of Bespoken, we believe our customers and partners will benefit greatly from his perspective, as will our company.

Emerson has a decade of experience in Automation, starting with the Army Research Lab & Army INSCOM, Borland, and most recently Applause. He has recently been shortlisted for the UK Tech Leader’s Evangelist of the Year, for which he will hopefully be selected in September!

Emerson is also passionate about giving back to the community and has worked together with the Scouts BSA for 19 years.

As Chief Evangelist at Bespoken, Emerson’s role is to guide customers through:

  • The unique aspects of voice platforms, conversational AI, and what they mean for Enterprises.
  • The specific challenges of building for voice, and the primacy of testing as part of it.
  • How the Bespoken solution helps ensure that voice experiences are well-made and that customers are consistently delighted.

From Emerson: 

I’m extremely excited to join the Bespoken team. Throughout my career, I’ve seen just how significant an impact on the success of apps that a methodical, proactive, and repeatable approach to testing can have, and on no platform is that impact more evident than in conversational AI. The unique solution that Bespoken provides enables developers to release these apps far faster and higher-quality than ever before, along with the added confidence and future-proofing that comes with continuous automated testing and monitoring.

Welcome to the Bespoken team, Emerson!

To learn more about Emerson’s work with Bespoken, sign up for FREE to our Upcoming Webinar: A Crash course in testing Automation!

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