Monitoring For Alexa Skills and Google Actions

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We are pleased to announce the release of our monitoring software and alerting notifications for Amazon Alexa Skills and Google Assistant.

Monitoring works with either HTTP-based or Lambda-based voice apps, and regularly pings your service to ensure that it is alive and responding in a timely fashion.

Any issues, and you will get an email alert immediately. It’s easy to setup, and works in tandem with our already in-depth logging features.

Why Do I Want This?

Issues with skill and action uptime are commonplace. They happen for a variety of reasons:

  • Outages with the core Alexa or Google services
  • Outages with commonly used components (Lambda, Dynamo, S3)
  • Bugs within voice app code

In all of these cases, quick remediation is vital. Why is it so important?

  • Outages cause bad user experience and unhappy users
  • Outages lead to 1-star reviews
  • Outages can undermine the confidence of stakeholders

In short, we can’t make the problems go away, but we can make sure you are the first to know when there is one!

How Does It Work?

If you haven’t already signed up for the Bespoken dashboard, do it here for free. Log in and add your source(s). Then, select the settings tab and check enable monitoring. Enter the URL or Lambda information for your skill or action, and once enabled, you will see:

Uptime Monitoring

Up Time Graph

Response Times

Response Times Graph

Email Alerts

Email Alert

Monitoring + Logging

Enable our logging features, via our SDK or Code-Free integrations, to pinpoint where errors are happening in your app’s interactions. Do this, in just five minutes, under the integrations tab. It’s all part of creating effortlessly diagnosable apps.


What is Next?

We have lots of features in store for our monitoring software and alerting functions, including:

  • Free-Form Payloads – Specify the exact JSON payload that should be sent to your service.
  • Integration with Silent Echo – Our recently launched Silent Echo service allows for in-depth testing of Alexa Skills. Look for an easy-to-use integration with our monitoring soon.
  • Voice-Specific Alerting – We will alert you when we see voice-specific errors and issues.
  • Graceful Error-Handling – When services are out, provide a message of your designation as opposed to the standard Alexa and Google error messages. This can help to buy time to remedy the situation without frustrating users.

And we are eager to hear your feedback – talk to us on Gitter or in the Alexa Slack group – @jpkbst. Or just comment below 🙂

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