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January 31, 2018 in Blog

The Alexa Conference 2018 and 20 Voice-first Conferences to Add to Your Calendar

TL;DR Attending a few voice-first conferences and events – in this particular year – is likely to benefit you for years to come. See the list of 20 conferences and events happening around the world. Read more.
voice first conferences

Check out the Voice First Events of 2019 right here.

This year has been deemed the year of voice by experts spanning a plethora of industries. In a short amount of time, researchers, analysts, the c-suite, and even grandparents have been exposed to the power of voice-first technology. As the march of voice continues, there are a number voice first conferences available to get involved with throughout the year.

Whether you’re a developer, a UX designer, founder of a voice-first company, or new to the voice landscape, attending a few voice-first conferences and events – in this particular year – is likely to benefit you for years to come.

We experienced these benefits of attending voice first conferences a few weeks ago in Chattanooga, Tennessee, when John and I attended The Alexa Conference hosted by Score Publishing. The audience varied from independent skill builders, voice app agencies like VoiceXP and RAIN , to a more technical presence with speakers from SoundHound, Skuid, and us. A few noteworthy topics covered were how Alexa will impact the classroom, interactive storytelling, and the role of voice in healthcare.

We also had the opportunity to get a glimpse into what to expect with the rise of voice overseas, from a presentation by a German-based firm 169 Labs. And industry leader Brian Roemmele, from Multiplex, and Witlingo CEO, Ahmed Bouzid, provided thought-provoking commentary on the future of voice along with behavioral and psychological considerations.

Aside from the generous agenda and the numerous takeaways, we were most impressed with our voice-first peers. Meeting a good portion of our Twitter followers and fellow Alexa Slack group members face to face was the highlight of the week. The information exchanged between attendees created a palpable and positive experience, and the connections made are likely to last beyond the first few years of the voice-first movement. And we can’t wait to work together in the future.

Although technology is seen by some as disconnecting from others, this voice-first conference has brought together a smart and passionate group of people with the goal to connect people through voice. We encourage you to take a look at these upcoming voice-first conferences and get involved.

While most of these conferences have registration fees, check your local Meetup groups and get involved for free. There are quite a few active voice-first groups in Seattle, Paris, Berlin, London, San Francisco, St Louis, Arizona, Columbus, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

Conference Location Dates
Smart Voice Summit Paris February 1–2, 2018
Conversational Interaction Conference San Jose, California February 5–6, 2018
Bottish Your Computer – free! February 22 and April 26, 2018
Superbot San Francisco April 3, 2018
SpeechTEK Washington, D.C. April 9–11, 2018
Voice & Beyond Berlin Spring 2018
Conversational Commerce Conference London May 8–9, 2018
Business of Bots San Francisco May 15–17, 2018
Voicecon New York City May 22, 2018
Connections: Connected Home Conference San Francisco May 22–24, 2018
Voice Summit Newark July 24–26, 2018
The Voice of Healthcare Summit Boston August 7, 2018
Conversational Commerce Conference San Francisco September 1, 2018
VoiceCon Canada Toronto September 2018
All About Voice Munich October 12, 2018
AWS re:INVENT Las Vegas November 26–30, 2018
Voice Conference Berlin December 5–7, 2018
CES Las Vegas January 8–11, 2019
The Alexa Conference Chattanooga, Tennessee January 15–17, 2019
Lingofest Ogden, Utah 2019

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