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October 3, 2023 in Blog

Minimize down-time in the contact center via live monitoring from Bespoken

TL;DR Downtime and outages can cost $1,000s of dollars an hour. To avoid these costly, frustrating events, property manager SMS Assist turned to Bespoken’s automated testing suite for assistance. Leveraging Bespoken, SMS Assist implemented a solution within a matter of days that inoculates them against potentially costly downtime.

SMS Assist found itself facing a challenge. They specialize in providing comprehensive property management solutions to various industries, from retail and banking to residential, healthcare, and food services. Their maintenance program promises round-the-clock support, handling work orders from start to finish. Critical to this customer service journey are the maintenance phone lines that customers call in on.

Picture this: Customers in urgent need of service could not reach their 24/7 support team due to phone line outages. It leads to frustration, delays, and let’s face it, some pretty unhappy clients. With over a million properties and two million work orders to manage, efficient maintenance lines were not a luxury, but a necessity for SMS Assist.

A Customer Relations Specialist at SMS Assist explained: “Customers demand that our platform be always available. Though our system has traditionally worked well, we wanted to be able to guarantee to ourselves and our customers we were meeting (and exceeding) our service-level agreements.”

The Power of the Bespoken Platform

That’s where Bespoken stepped in, dramatically reducing downtime with their automated testing magic. Bespoken’s solution wasn’t just about fixing what was broken; it was about preventing the breaks in the first place. They implemented a system that continuously monitored SMS Assist’s maintenance lines, sending out alerts the moment any of their 900 support lines had an issue. No more waiting for customers to call and complain. No more hours spent manually testing lines. It is a great example of the power and efficiency of automation.

Imagine this transformation as a well-oiled machine – Bespoken seamlessly integrated its solution into SMS Assist’s workflow, playing nice with GitLab and making operations smoother.

How Automation Rescued SMS Assist’s Revenue Stream

Here’s the kicker: Every one of those 900 support lines represents $900 in revenue. So, even an hour of downtime could translate to a gut-wrenching loss of $34,000. Manually verifying these lines, as SMS Assist has previously done, took the team more than 40 hours a month – thanks to Bespoken, testing is done more frequently and it takes almost no time away from the team at all. That’s not just cost savings; that’s uninterrupted service, leading to increased revenue and happy customers. An Executive team member elaborated:

“The cost savings were significant, but what’s even more valuable is the peace of mind that our service will not be interrupted. It’s a win-win for our bottom line and our customers.”

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The folks in charge at SMS Assist couldn’t stop singing Bespoken’s praises. They marveled at how Bespoken’s user-friendly tools made their lives easier. With Bespoken handling the heavy lifting, SMS Assist could focus on what they do best: keeping their customers satisfied..

In the end, Bespoken wasn’t just a service provider; they became an important tool in SMS Assist’s toolbox to ensure they are delivering the top-notch customer service they are known for. That’s a win for everyone.

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