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March 13, 2020 in Blog

Introducing Kirk Owen, Bespoken’s new Director of Business Development

TL;DR Welcome to the team, Kirk! Read on to learn more about Kirk Owen and how automation can streamline your Voice Development Life Cycle, and allow you to deliver flawless Voice Experiences faster and easier.

At Bespoken, our success is a result of the talent of our team. We are excited to announce Kirk Owen, Director of Business Development.

Kirk will be in charge of providing comprehensive solutions to help our customers deliver the highest quality voice experience to their customers. Kirk’s passion for creating high-quality software and platforms fits perfectly with Bespoken’s focus on delivering delightful voice experiences.

Kirk is a senior media technology executive with 25 years of experience. He has worked across conversational AI, TV, and online education. Kirk began his work with Voice with the Amazon Alexa team where he was responsible for Radio, TV, and voice-first financial services as well as gaming skills. 

Kirk is committed to the success of his customers and partners and we’ve learned that while working with him on several projects with Amazon. He really looks to add value to benefit everyone involved, and we think he will be extremely helpful to Bespoken as well as to our customers & partners to ensure users are having the best possible experience with Voice.

While at XappMedia, Kirk developed a relationship with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and managed Xapp’s Voice Cast business that has over 900 radio stations.

Kirk has also worked at Walt Disney, Ernst & Young where he worked as an executive producer and as a manager in the business process re-engineering practice. 

From Kirk:

“My passion for the power and usefulness of conversational AI is tempered by my knowledge of how difficult it is to create delightful and engaging voice experiences.  That’s why I am so excited to join the Bespoken team. Bespoken’s automated testing and monitoring make it easier and faster to create fantastic voice applications that will deliver the high levels of performance and reliability  that consumers want from voice technology.”

Currently, Kirk is reaching out to media companies that use voice technology to arrange demonstrations of Bespoken’s automated testing, tuning, and monitoring capabilities. These customized demos are free – and show how Bespoken’s products rapidly reduce development time and cost, ensure users are well-understood and deliver higher stream reliability.

If you are interested in arranging a demo or speaking with Kirk or other team members about how Bespoken helps Spotify, iHeartRadio, NFL, Entercom, Mercedes Benz, and others turn their voice apps into five-star experiences provide your name and email address here.  Alternatively, you can contact Kirk directly at

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