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May 8, 2018 in Blog

How to Test and Monitor Alexa Skills or Google Actions in the Bespoken Dashboard

TL;DR Sit back and relax while your voice apps are up and running. Use Bespoken automated testing and monitoring for Alexa skills or Google Actions using Bespoken. We'll let you know when there is an issue so you can fix it right away. Give it a try!
Monitoring on Bespoken Dashboard

Now that you can run automated tests on your voice apps using the Bespoken Tools, check out how you can get monitoring Alexa skills or Google Actions 24/7/365.

No one is immune to outages or bugs. That’s why in tandem with offering automated testing, we offer monitoring for your Alexa skills and Google Actions. We will watch out for issues like:

  • Outages with the core voice services
  • Outages with commonly used components (Lambda, Dynamo, S3, etc.)
  • Bugs within voice app code

When we detect an issue, you will get an email alert. By enabling Monitoring, you will keep users happy, avoid 1-star reviews, and avoid difficult conversations by keeping your stakeholders happy.

Automated Testing & Monitoring for Alexa Skill or Google Action

To get started with Bespoken Testing & Monitoring, you need an Alexa skill or Google Action, and a Bespoken Dashboard – create an account here. Once you have saved a test script in the Bespoken Dashboard, take a look at what comes along with your new voice app testing functionalities.

If you’re like me, when you’re testing your voice apps, after you have come up with a satisfactory test sequence, you will want to continue to test that same sequence continuously. This guarantees an acceptable user experience – avoiding those bad reviews.

Baked into our Dashboard is a 24-hour monitoring service because testing your test script once or twice a day does not create a reliable skill or action in an artificial intelligence-powered environment. When you save your test sequence, click the ENABLE MONITORING icon.

monitoring alexa skills of google actions

Bespoken will automatically take the script and verify the voice app response every 30 minutes. Along with voice-first specific monitoring, we will also send you the proper notifications to help you maintain a high-quality voice experience for your users.

Monitoring Notifications

Bespoken will email you when there is a change in your results. Remember when you saved that test script in the Dashboard?

monitoring alexa skills or google action

Yeah, that one. In this notification, Bespoken has detected an unsuccessful result in line 3 of the test script. And you will see the interaction included in the email. See the example below. When the error is fixed, you will get a simple OK notification.

Weekly Results Summary

Along with error notifications emails, you will get a weekly summary. This will show you an overview of your test results for the week – and we will show you a simple comparison of how the results compare to the previous week. Now you will see the date and time tests change from successful to unsuccessful and can take the proper steps to remediate the issues and make that a regular part of the quality assurance process.

What’s next?

Need some help getting started? Contact us to learn more or join us at our upcoming webinars here!

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