Launching in the cloud with confidence, through automated testing

How a global manufacturer is leveraging AI-powered automated testing to optimize customer journeys A global manufacturer of connectors and sensors for a wide variety of applications including industrial equipment, consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive, aerospace, data communications, and more. It is a business-to-business (B2B) enterprise that works with both distributors and end-customer manufacturers.  This company’s […]

Announcing Bespoken testing suite in IBM Cloud for Watson Assistant customers

We are excited to announce the availability of Bespoken in the IBM Cloud Catalog. IBM Cloud customers can now quickly and seamlessly test their conversational AI solutions, in their own environment, with Bespoken.   Bespoken ensures exceptional customer journeys in conversational AI solutions, like chatbots and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. Our platform enables functional testing […]

A Virtual Assistant for a Critical Use Case: Genomic Cancer Researchers

Bespoken recently worked with the National University of Singapore’s Cancer Science Institute, a research center dedicated to investigating the pathogenesis of cancer and creating innovative, safer methods of diagnosis and treatment. As the leading center for cancer studies in Asia, the CSI hosts over 200 active researchers and scientists, and their research supports and informs […]

IVR Accuracy Case Study

Bespoken worked with a major cybersecurity company to radically improve the accuracy of their Genesys-based IVR, in turn increasing customer satisfaction and ROI of their contact center. Bespoken’s hybrid architecture for Conversational IVRs reduced risks and future-proofed the customer against vendor lock-in, while providing a “best execution engine” for customer interactions. By combining Bespoken’s new Orchestrator with Bespoken’s best-in-class testing, training and monitoring, the company was able to verify stunning ROI improvements on an intent-by-intent level.

Bespoken Launches Automated Testing, Training and Monitoring for IVR on AWS Marketplace

Over the past two years, Bespoken has made IVR and the digital contact center a focus for their world-class automation tools. As part of this effort, we are pleased to announce that Bespoken customers can now test, train and monitor their voice experiences via the AWS Marketplace. With one click, customers can begin rapidly reducing […]